How to choose among antique Chinese furniture dealers?

Posted 2012-12-29


If you are looking for china antique furniture either for business or personal collection, it is important to find the right dealer among the many actually in the market. The right choice will bring a long-term cooperation and an amazing experience in the Chinese furniture antique’s world.

Chinese furniture antique


1. Where should I start my search from?
2. How can I recognize the dealer most suitable to my needs?
3. Should I be afraid of any communication/cultural gap?
4. Where to buy?
5. Conclusion

Where should I start my search from?

1. Internet: you will find plenty of information and dealers on the net.
2. Local shops: try to browse your city’s shops for ideas and more information.
3. Fairs: a trip to any ethnic furniture fair will take you to meet with Chinese furniture wholesale dealers.
4. China: just take a flight and meet with the real thing !

How can I recognize the dealer most suitable to my needs?

When you visit warehouses of wholesale Chinese furniture, you will realize how many different kinds of furniture, services, finishing and dealers there are out there. How can you choose the right one ? Well, it actually depends on what you are looking for. The following is a basic “survival” list which might be very useful during any of your buying trips:

a. Location: find a dealer who is located in a well served (logistically speaking…) area. Close to commercial seaports; away from the city centre but still close enough to maintain easy contact with international customers; easy access to container trucks.

Chinese furniture wholesale

b. Large Stock: warehouses always filled with large stock of furniture will allow you a better selection. A well furnished stock also means a continuous flow of new models and recently restored pieces.

c. Professional Outlook: check out how the warehouse is organized; look for the restoration workshops and working conditions. Clean, organized places with supportive and friendly customer service is a must.

Should I be afraid of any communication/cultural gap?

1. Do not worry much about the cultural gap: Chinese people are really friendly !
2. Most Chinese furniture wholesale dealers have at least a warehouse manager who speaks English.
3. Showing pictures or drawings of what you are looking for is really helpful.
4. Chinese dealers have been doing business with westerners for at least two decades already: they know what the requirements in foreign markets are.
5. Do not worry of asking! Dealers in China are very helpful and willing to provide information and solve problems.

wholesale- Chinese furniture

6. Chinese traditional hospitality and business mind attitude create a perfect mix that makes the purchase experience a pleasant one.
7. The presence of a Western expert/manager would be an invaluable extra help: bookmark these dealers as top priorities.
8. Last but not least: keep smiling!

Where to buy?

The best of Chinese furniture collection can be acquired from Also carry out comparative analysis for that purpose Chinese furniture wholesale price can be checked out with antique Chinese furniture dealers.


Looking for antique Chinese furniture dealers can be an exciting adventure, a trip of discovery where you can meet with amazing people and gorgeous pieces of furniture: just enjoy the experience !

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