Important guidelines to buy genuine antique furniture from Chinese furniture dealers

Posted 2012-12-29

Genuine antique furniture or reproduction furniture?

You are looking for wholesale furniture in china and realize how vast the range of selection actually is. You might narrow down your search according to your own business’ style or market but you still have this itching feeling of adding something different, something new into your next shipment.


You browse among several warehouses filled with antique Chinese furniture: some are genuine pieces others are Chinese reproduction furniture. Still, they all look great. How do you manage this selection process? Would you follow your instinct or you’re previously written down “to-buy” list? Would you add those pieces for that special customer or keep your own style?

chinese furniture

As you can see, even an apparently simple and fun buying trip for getting wholesale furniture in china might become an insidious time-wasting and money-betting task.

There are few safe paths you can follow during the selection of antique furniture:

1- If you are a Chinese antique furniture dealer or collector exclusively specialized in genuine pieces, the kind of buyer who goes around with magnify glass and a small torchlight, then avoid reproductions at all cost ! Even just one single “fake” piece in your antique shop or collection will spoil your entire venture and reliability. Keep yourself straight within your expertise field and hold on your own “brand” name of trustful dealer of real antiques.

antique chinese furniture

2- If you began your business as a Chinese furniture antique dealer but, in the following years, decided for a more flexible business scope then, you should start to view yourself more like as an interior designer/decorator with an oriental twist. It’s all about having a nice selection of fashionable, hip furniture suitable for different pockets and different tastes.

Reproduction Chinese furniture will work perfectly if it will meet your customers requests and needs: choose among fresh, colorful items; check the dimensions and select the furniture with measures which will fit in most modern houses and apartments; get crazy and add some fancy piece, something nobody else will have: it’s going to be your own signature piece/s which will make you different from your competitors.

chinese antique furniture

3- You are a furniture dealer. Nothing more, nothing less. Your shop is filled with every kind of styles, an eclectic mixture of items for any possible customer. In this case, focusing only on the “Chinese” side of the furniture doesn’t really make any sense. You want to get cool furniture, young items for the young clients; smart pieces for the DIY guys; the “oh! I saw it on that magazine!”-furniture for the hip girls and so on.

Chinese antique furniture dealers are loaded for such a task as well: not only the genuine antique piece, not only the cheaper reproduction, not only the new styled piece with that oriental flavor, but also a whole collection of modern furniture inspired by contemporary designers, fashions and architecture.

Chinese furniture wholesale

To summarize, the real dilemma is actually: how well do you know your own market? Only with a clear scope in mind, a reliable customer-base in your hands and a well-organized logistic network, you can actually become successful in the fascinating world of the interior design market.

Ah, and don’t forget the reliable supplier as well!

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