How do I create an interior space which looks exotic and inspiring, rich and comfortable, all without spending a fortune?

Posted 2012-12-29

Thanks to the Internet and fast communication means, nowadays not only traveling around the world but also shopping around the world has become as easy as pushing a button on your computer’s keyboard. The good news is that such an opening on a world wide market created the premises for a competitive environment where buyers and sellers can deal on a fantastic amount of goods and services within a wide price range.

wholesale- Chinese furniture

The Chinese furniture antique business has been affected in a positive way as well. It is now possible to easily purchase wholesale furniture in china without the hassle of going through complex procedures, agents or huge expenses.

We personally deal on a common basis with customers who actually never met face to face ! Using the Internet, we are able to provide the full service necessary to complete the financial, logistic and bureaucratic processes, leaving to our customers only the problem of selecting the furniture they like most !

As the Chinese furniture wholesale market became more and more popular among westerners, the selling channels opened and spread like a blossom. While containers’ shipping is still the most widely used delivery mean, yet the services built around it developed to reach custom tailored levels. It is possible now for any customer, no matter whom and no matter where, to purchase Chinese furniture wholesale as easy as going inside a shop and buy a single piece of furniture.

Not only the selection process (with the help of online catalogs, pictures sent via email, etc.), the financial process (fast and secure payments with international banks, even online…) and the logistic process (shipping agents experienced in the export of Chinese furniture antique items), but also the delivery can be tailor made and the furniture, no matter how many pieces, be taken directly to the client’s final address. Kind of buying Chinese furniture wholesale from Amazon….

The result of such a revolution in the wholesale market has been a freedom of selection for interior designers, shop owners, architects and home decorators. The access to the Chinese furniture antique market is now extremely easy and convenient: to decorate a house with high-class antiques from an exotic country it is not a dream anymore.
But most important of all, has been the drop of costs.

Even purchasing small amount of furniture will entitle customers to wholesale prices ! More and more buyers are now shipping half-containers or few cubic meters (three to five pieces of furniture…) from China to their own countries: it is the new trend, developed to fight high local costs for top quality furniture and the spread of cheap, mass-produced furniture which flooded the western market already thanks to international brands and franchising chains.

So, it is still possible to get high quality, gorgeous looking furniture at low prices and custom-tailored service. Buying wholesale furniture in china has never been so easy and smooth: you just need a click of your mouse…

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