Are the Changes Within Modern China Going To Affect The Chinese Furniture Wholesale Market?

Posted 2012-12-29

Antique Chinese Furniture Dealers - Ke Chinese FurnitureChina has witnessed a complete remaking of its history, economy, society and culture in a surprisingly short amount of time. Since its opening to the western world, the country and its people have experienced a paradigmatic shift that changed the whole perception of itself and the outside world, deleting and creating value, needs, desires.

The new Chinese is the modern social class, the offspring of this revolution; young, dynamic, highly competitive, affluent and open minded. Most of these young people have higher degree education, often coming out of Western Universities; rich supporting families and a self-confidence that is shadowed only by a lack of cultural roots.

And speaking about cultural roots, the lack of such foundation is becoming the main engine that is pushing this social class toward a quest for the search of its own identity. In the modern market economy, the concept of identity has been profitably used to create branding: and the concept of branding itself has become extremely successful in China indeed.

But apart branding, identity can be also detached from the product itself and taken back to its original social meaning. As a cultural token, identity of the new Chinese is a rediscovery of its own past and history, linked with the contemporary globalized world.

As sophisticated customers, they are now looking for products that contain and provide an extra set of values, cultural values that would enrich the individual experience and talk to the whole society. For this reason, the wholesale Chinese furniture market has, for the first time ever, reached a point where the path splits in two different directions: the old one, toward the export market for western customers and the new one, toward the domestic retail market.

The reaction of Chinese furniture wholesale dealers once put in front of such a choice, has been of confusion, over-reaction, stressed self protection, in most cases, everything but an open minded and flexible one.

Ke Chinese Furniture has acted promptly choosing to follow the new trends within the Chinese society, also believing that nowadays China has become a world’s trendsetter as well. While keeping doing our traditional job of restorers of antique Chinese furniture, we also directed our efforts toward the development of new marketing strategies based on the virtual web of social networks that link the whole world.

Chinese furniture wholesale dealers are conscious of the fact that the previous marketing channels used in the recent past are now quite obsolete: all our customers are pretty satisfied with our new business concept and are following us in our task as marketers and not only dealers. We have been working with both local and foreign interior designers, architects and artists to provide not only furniture but also style and identity, either as cultural artifacts or as hip design items.

Antique Chinese Furniture Dealers - Ke Chinese Furniture

Implementing these different concepts within the market of wholesale Chinese furniture has enabled us to meet the most varied customers’ requests, most of the times even to be ahead of them and provide products that would become the new fashion in their own countries’ markets. Adding a branch as retail domestic suppliers also gave us the opportunity to study first hand the habits and behavior of the final customers, especially those young ones who are the real trendsetters, create fashions and keep the business alive.

Among Chinese furniture wholesale dealers, Ke Chinese Furniture has been always distinguished itself for its tight management and quality control system, for its range of side services and its unbeatable customers service.

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