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Important guidelines to buy genuine antique furniture from Chinese furniture dealers

Genuine antique furniture or reproduction furniture?

You are looking for wholesale furniture in china and realize how vast the range of selection actually is. You might narrow down your search according to your own business’ style or market but you still have this itching feeling of adding something different, something new into your next shipment. You browse among several warehouses filled with antique Chinese furniture: some are genuine pieces others are Chinese reproduction furniture. Still, they all look great. How do you...
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Beautify your house with antique Chinese furniture

Why you should have old furniture all the way from China in your home?

Furniture is something that every household needs. No home can be complete without proper furnishing. If you have some class going into the furniture, it would boost your social status in a big manner. Getting some china antique furniture for your living room, so that people notice it every time they walk into your house, can be a great idea. If your boss is coming over for...
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10 Best antique Chinese furniture for your living room that you can browse from our website

So you want a living room which actually is a place for spending time, talk with friends, reading a book, well… for living! A living room which is comfortable and friendly, bright and colorful but still with a touch of taste and elegance; a space which mirrors your personality and character.

Have you ever thought about browsing antique furniture dealers?

Yes, we are talking about antiques. Too boring? Massive? Austere?

Well, think again. Nowadays you will be surprised by...
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How do I create an interior space which looks exotic and inspiring, rich and comfortable, all without spending a fortune?

Thanks to the Internet and fast communication means, nowadays not only traveling around the world but also shopping around the world has become as easy as pushing a button on your computer’s keyboard. The good news is that such an opening on a world wide market created the premises for a competitive environment where buyers and sellers can deal on a fantastic amount of goods and services within a wide price range. The Chinese furniture antique business has been affected...
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How to choose among antique Chinese furniture dealers?


If you are looking for china antique furniture either for business or personal collection, it is important to find the right dealer among the many actually in the market. The right choice will bring a long-term cooperation and an amazing experience in the Chinese furniture antique’s world.


1. Where should I start my search from? 2. How can I recognize the dealer most suitable to my needs? 3. Should I be afraid of any communication/cultural gap? 4. Where to buy? 5. Conclusion


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China antique furniture and a shopping day in Rome

This summer I decided to spend my holidays back in my own country, Italy. I planned an islands hopping tour, spending some time in Sardinia, then in Sicily, finally touching base back in Rome.
Among the many interesting experiences I had, I found an amusing change of perspective in the Italians perception of China. Whereas until few years ago, China was the exotic, mysterious oriental country rich in history and culture, now was the economical miracle of globalization; the example to...
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Are the Changes Within Modern China Going To Affect The Chinese Furniture Wholesale Market?

China has witnessed a complete remaking of its history, economy, society and culture in a surprisingly short amount of time. Since its opening to the western world, the country and its people have experienced a paradigmatic shift that changed the whole perception of itself and the outside world, deleting and creating value, needs, desires.

The new Chinese is the modern social class, the offspring of this revolution; young, dynamic, highly competitive, affluent and open minded. Most of...

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How China Antique Furniture is More Aesthetic and Appealing with Their Ostentatious Designs?

With the initiation of massive growth in the global economy the business of Handicrafts and antique furniture are in great demand for both domestic as well as international markets. There are numerous antique furniture providers worldwide who claim to deal with authentic architectural marvels from the classic age of history. While the museums and traditional antique collectors wish to add them to their collection, there are individuals in society who have developed a taste for classic furniture to decorate their...
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