About Us

The company Ke Chinese Furniture was founded in Beijing, China at the beginning of the year 1998. Our main purpose is the restoration and refurbishing of antique and semi-antique wooden furniture from mainland China, Inner Mongolia and Tibet. Recently, we also added to our inventory some reproductions and new design pieces mostly made of reclaimed wood in Hebei area where the climate is quite dry.

As a wholesale dealer, we only sell by containers; we don’t sell single pieces, we don’t do any retail. For this reason, we can offer to our customers the lowest prices as possible, understanding the fact that most of our customers are wholesalers/retailers in their own countries.

As restorers, our main product is antique and semi-antique furniture, usually pieces which have an average age between 200 and 60 years old. We consider antiques all the pieces which are older than 100 years and semi-antiques all the pieces between 50 to 100 years of age.

Recently we’ve also added a line of shiny lacquered furniture in our stock which is getting quite successful among interior designers and young customers.


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Hi Claudio!
I hope you have been doing well.  I am inquiring about a new shipment.  We have several inventory numbers that we would like to know prices and stock availability: in fact your services and furniture have been of great value for us !

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Our company was looking for old chinese furniture suppliers for the Spanish market

Specially for bed tables, drawers, chest of drawers, cabinets...

We already have been purchasing in China for more than 3 years and finally we found a reliable supplier!

Thanks Claudio for all your work.

Best regards...



Hello Claudio,

Nice to met you! And thank you for all your support! We definitely need such professionals like you.

We received our container last week. We are honestly impressed by the overall quality of your furniture, packing and logistic services.

We are going to place another order soon!



Yes! I have received the furniture. I am in the process of reviewing: so far everything looks great. I have an auction this weekend that I have been preparing for and will continue to look at the items the rest of the week.

Please keep sending photos and I will send u an update the beginning of next week after I have cleared out the auction.

Thanks Claudio!!


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Hi Claudio how are you? Thank you for email me, just to let you know that your furniture was really successful here and we are planning to go back to Beijing in the next few months, we would like to have more than one container this time but we are thinking to buy a lot of stones as well, so if this is ok with you, we will let you know exactly when we will be there.

Take care Claudio, say hi to Mr. Lee