10 Best antique Chinese furniture for your living room that you can browse from our website

Posted 2012-12-29

So you want a living room which actually is a place for spending time, talk with friends, reading a book, well… for living! A living room which is comfortable and friendly, bright and colorful but still with a touch of taste and elegance; a space which mirrors your personality and character.

Have you ever thought about browsing antique furniture dealers?

Yes, we are talking about antiques. Too boring? Massive? Austere?

antique chinese furniture

Well, think again. Nowadays you will be surprised by the variety of stylish pieces antique Chinese furniture dealers have in stock: yes, we are talking Chinese!

Chinese furniture has the richest variety ever seen anywhere:

Different regional styles, different periods’ designs and decorative motifs. As Chinese antique furniture wholesale dealers, we at Ke Furniture are specialized in offering the best value antiques that better fit modern interiors all over the world!

Our website offers a complete view to this exciting world of decorative and useful furniture that mixes classy elegance with tasty brightness. Browsing our site’s pages you will discover a wide range of pieces suitable for any needs and pockets.
Getting back to our living room… do you need some help to buy antique Chinese furniture that are most suitable for such a space?

Well here is the best 10 pieces of antique Chinese furniture:

antique Chinese furniture

1- A colorful Buffet: A great decorative furniture, you can choose either from Tibet or Mongolia; plenty of space inside to be used as a cupboard and beautiful bright designs for bringing your living room back to life again.

2- A stylish Consolle:  chinese Consolle

Set up by a wall, either simple and minimalist in pure Ming style design or decorated with hand-carved motifs such as Shanxi or Shaanxi ones.

3- A Chest:
chinese ChestA small or medium sized chest placed next to your sofa or a large one to be placed in the central area of the room, almost like a coffee table. Great hidden storage space (for all those old magazines and books…) and amazing look with the painted ones.

4- A Coffee Table: Browse our website for it: we just have too many!

Coffee Table

5- A light, simple Bookshelf: Choose among the Ming style ones: linear, slim and so elegant. All solid wood and no nails/screws, classy at its best.

6- A Chair:Chinese Chair

Yes, only one…but a good one! Get an antique chair, with its patina, its gorgeous decorations, put a lavish cushion on its seat and voila’, you got a tremendous accent for your room’s empty corner.

7- Miscellaneous:
Chinese furniture Miscellaneous

What are they? Well, all those small items that look so great spread around the room: buckets, vases, rice measures, trays…

8- Fill the nooks with small Stools: Round ones, square ones; rustic style for a more easy-going atmosphere or Imperial style for a touch of elegance.

9- A small Desk:
Chinese DeskUse your living room space to do some homework too! Add a small desk but do it with style: avoid plastic/metal ones or any cheap looking desk you might find in a modern furniture store. Go for an old all solid-wood desk with a twist: in our website you will find many available models.

10- Last but not least, leave some space for a gorgeous Cabinet:

antique furnitures

A beautiful red lacquered “Miaojin” cabinet with golden paintings (all hand-made) from Shanxi province will flood your living room with a warm, sensual light and allow you with extra storage space.

Ke Furniture is a Chinese antique furniture wholesale company for more than ten years. We have supplied customers from all over the world: professional retailers as well as expert collectors. For the best antique Chinese furniture dealers, you can visit our official website: www.ke-furniture.com

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