Antique Chinese Furniture Dealers

Ke Chinese Furniture offers a vast range of pieces from all over China, Tibetan furniture and Mongolian furniture;
original, one-of-a-kind items and fine reproductions as well. We also deal with designers for custom-made furniture.

Among the many antique Chinese furniture dealers present in the market, Ke Chinese Furniture distinguishes itself as one of the earliest and most reliable businesses around.

This is not just a business rather a family tradition that spans over two generations. Our expertise in the Chinese furniture antique market is invaluable: not only in regards of the technical aspects of the restoration process or the logistics of sourcing around China antique furniture and curios but also more than anything else about our long time experience of dealing with wholesale Chinese furniture customers located all over the world. The years of acumen and knowledge has made us the leaders in our segment and has made us proficient to know what and how to deliver.
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Customer service and feedback is as, if not more important as the goods we sell. Our company has developed a network of sourcing, designers, translators, shipping companies and suppliers which enables us to provide a full range of services tailored for each single customer who is into the Chinese furniture wholesale market.
It has always been important for us to follow and assist our customers step-by-step and grow together with them. High quality of both furniture and services means faster and higher sales on our dealers’ side and a satisfied customer is a good customer: this way, a circle is created, where businesses keep each other moving and prosper in mutual resonance.

Considering the differences of cultural background, we know that each time we meet with a customer, we are going to deal with a different set of requests: tastes, fashions, needs, all change accordingly. We know that we have to deliver what our customer needs, but more importantly, we help them understand what their market actually requires.

Our strength lies in our flexibility and understanding of the many factors, major and nuanced that are involved in the Chinese furniture wholesale business has made us one of the leaders.

We keep a keen eye in sourcing our pieces for the antique Chinese furniture dealers as well as for the decorative furniture retailers. These two different markets actually overlap at the source: we, as suppliers, have to deal with both sides and therefore be always ready with a constant and updated stock of pieces, more than enough to guarantee our wholesale Chinese furniture customers a safe supply platform.

In China, antique furniture and curios have always been valued according to the materials and the provenance: there is a florid domestic market for hardwood furniture and objects, whereas the most prized ones are of Imperial origin. But the export market is completely different indeed. The Chinese furniture wholesale market makes more than 90% of it; western buyers appreciate the furniture for their styles, patina, overall feeling and decorative appeal. Materials and origin lose their importance.

For Chinese furniture antique suppliers like us, to understand the difference and managing the workflow accordingly is a matter of survival: failing to do so will prevent any development in the export business.
We, at Ke Chinese Furniture, are quite proud of our own work and experience; during so many years of business activity, we managed to get through changes and requests, punctually delivering what our customers were looking for and more!

Choosing us as your next business supplier is going to be indeed the right choice.


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Hi Claudio!
I hope you have been doing well.  I am inquiring about a new shipment.  We have several inventory numbers that we would like to know prices and stock availability: in fact your services and furniture have been of great value for us !

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Our company was looking for old chinese furniture suppliers for the Spanish market

Specially for bed tables, drawers, chest of drawers, cabinets...

We already have been purchasing in China for more than 3 years and finally we found a reliable supplier!

Thanks Claudio for all your work.

Best regards...



Hello Claudio,

Nice to met you! And thank you for all your support! We definitely need such professionals like you.

We received our container last week. We are honestly impressed by the overall quality of your furniture, packing and logistic services.

We are going to place another order soon!



Yes! I have received the furniture. I am in the process of reviewing: so far everything looks great. I have an auction this weekend that I have been preparing for and will continue to look at the items the rest of the week.

Please keep sending photos and I will send u an update the beginning of next week after I have cleared out the auction.

Thanks Claudio!!


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Hi Claudio how are you? Thank you for email me, just to let you know that your furniture was really successful here and we are planning to go back to Beijing in the next few months, we would like to have more than one container this time but we are thinking to buy a lot of stones as well, so if this is ok with you, we will let you know exactly when we will be there.

Take care Claudio, say hi to Mr. Lee


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